Diana Poole
art photography

live sessions

RB “What counts is putting the intensity that you, yourself, have experienced into the picture. Otherwise it is just a document. But if you are truly successful in capturing the pulse of life, then you can speak of a good photograph.”

DP “René’s photo archive is an extraordinary visual record of the latter half of the 20th Century. It gives us intimate access to key historical figures like Churchill, Che Guevara, Le Corbusier, Mao, Picasso and world-changing events like the Vietnam War and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The emotion and energy of his photographs, inviting intimacy through their close framing, enable us to feel as if we, too, are engaging with these iconic figures. Burri’s photographs of Che Guevara are especially dynamic – capturing the revolutionary’s charisma, his frustrations, exhaustion, anger, passion and humour. Che was rarely photo-graphed in such a personal and human way. These photographs have extraordinary presence, providing us with a record of history otherwise unavailable.”