Diana Poole
art photography

live sessions

JW “The deeper I go with colour, the more convinced I am that there’s so much more to explore. The more I observe the colours of the natural world, the more astonished I am at what I don’t perceive at first glance.”

DP “Welling merges the real with the fictional, often through sublime colour spectrums. The photographs are compelling in their beauty, conceptual ideology and experimental processes. For over forty years, Welling has explored theories of realism and abstraction through the exploration of optics and the chemical nature of photography, operating in the hybrid ground between painting, sculpture and traditional photography. In his ‘Glass House’ series, he used colour filters and uneven glass to break light into spectrums, veils and distortions, creating refractions that confuse the natural and the artificial, and freeing colour to have its own logic.”