Diana Poole
art photography

live sessions

AC “Nothing is more important than taking the picture. It is not the base of it but you have to be a photographer and have a reason or a goal with what you are taking pictures of. But it is also about the process and the layering afterward.”

DP “Antony Cairns works quickly, documenting new architectural structures lit up artificially at night. His practice is rooted in chemical-based techniques, dark room experiments which allow spills and imperfections to inform the work. The photographs are printed on aluminium, linking conceptually with the use of metal in the building trade. The locations are intentionally unrecognisable, surreal traces of urban landscapes. In his series of photographs set in London, Cairns offers a brutal, unromantic view of the city. Unusually devoid of landmarks, the city feels distant and strange, even lonely or lost. Seen together, the works in the series offer a more universal view of the city – different accents/marks/fragments of a greater whole.”