Diana Poole
art photography

live sessions

AF “An echo is a good way to describe the photogram, which is a visual echo of the real object. That’s why I like to work with the photogram, because the contact with what is represented is actual. It’s as if the border between the world and the print is osmotic.”

DP “Adam Fuss’ photograms radiate a curious living presence. They are made in the dark, with live creatures (e.g. snakes, butterflies, rabbits) or organic matter (water droplets, smoke) coming into physical contact with the paper on which the final print appears. There is directness, intimacy. Stealing a bit of anima from the objects placed on paper, simple materials are transformed into extraordinary traces. His large-scale series recording the effects of a pool transformed by droplets of water offer a sense of the boundless energy of life. The circles expand infinitely, each varying image of induced ripples exemplifying a transcendental moment.”