Diana Poole
art photography

live sessions

AM “Photography’s power is to make even dreams seem quite concrete.”

DP “Morell uses an entire room as a camera obscura to project outside views, inverted, onto the interiors of rooms. More recently, he developed this technique using a tent, with the external landscape projected onto the ground inside the tent, which he then photographs. In the tent photograph ‘View of the Golden Gate Bridge’, we see the bridge interweaving with the rocky textures of the ground, the tufts of grass calling to mind fireworks in the sky. Seen in the context of Surrealism, where bizarre and unexpected combinations allow the unconscious to express itself, the resulting photograph invites the rational and irrational to exist in the same space. The merging of two worlds that takes place in Morell’s photographs is something we only experience in dreams, where unrelated subjects come together and in this illusory space, begin to make sense.”